Common Keto Substitutes

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Keto Substitutes

Living a keto lifestyle can have all sorts of benefits but it requires some big changes to the way
you normally cook. Explore all the delicious ways you can cook keto with this guide to delicious
keto-friendly substitutes!
Knowing common keto substitutions can help you cook all your favourite meals with no
exceptions. Keto is all about finding balance, and with these simple swaps you will find a perfect
balance. Discover new and delicious ways to craft meals that meet keto standards without
skimping on the flavour!


Riced Cauliflower
If you love traditional rice, try riced cauliflower instead! Build beautiful “grain” bowls, stir-fries,
and so much more with this easy keto swap! Have fun with the riced cauliflower by using different cooking oil or adding proteins like fried bacon as in this Easy Bacon Cauliflower Rice Recipe or enjoy as a side of this Grilled Fish with Shrimp You can also use it in soups to add body and creaminess

Almond Flour
Almond flour can be used in baked goods, breading, and more to make keto-friendly food that
shines! Use almond flour instead of wheat flour to make cakes, cookies, and even breaded
meat dishes.

Pork Rinds
Pork rinds are an amazing keto substitute for traditional bread crumbs. If you love crispy,
crunchy breaded chicken or pork try using crushed pork rinds to get that wonderful bite!

Erythritol/ Monkfruit Sweetener
These amazing natural sweeteners are low-glycemic and perfect for adding a kiss of sweetness to
anything you can imagine without all the sugar. Although they have a strong tendency to crystallize, if used in moderation (2:1 water to sweetener ratio) they are perfect for your everyday baking and sweetening.

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is a great alternative to overly sugary milk chocolate. Enjoy rich and decadent
chocolate flavour without additives by having a few tasty pieces of dark chocolate instead!

This tasty root vegetable can make a great keto alternative to traditional potato fries. With about
half of the carbs in potato, and rutabaga can be made into fries, mashes, hash browns, and more.

Zucchini Chips

When the craving for potato chips hits, satisfy your hunger with zucchini chips instead. These
crunchy veggie chips have a fraction of the carbs in traditional potato chips making them much

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