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“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.”

- Auguste Escoffier
Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Milli, the person behind the recipes and most photos on this site. DevineEats is your food, recipes and baking website where I provide you with tasty tasted easy-to-make recipes that everyone in the family will enjoy. Just like many of us, I have struggled with living a healthy lifestyle. I have tried all kinds of diets that I managed to come across. From keto to low-carb, to cabbage soup, to high-carb, soup diet name it! After all these years, I realized that dieting is really not my thing. 

It always starts great then several weeks later (if I make it to 2) I start by tasting a tablespoon of rice – which is one of my favourite dishes then it becomes 2 tbsps, and before you know it, I’ve finished a whole plate. Since I’d already messed up the day, I would then decide to have mashed potatoes or fries for dinner to close the day and then restart the next day.
But tomorrow never comes… sigh
This mistake would have me gain an extra 2 lbs that were initially not there.

One thing though, is that I love how my body feels when I consume fewer carbs. So I decided to incorporate healthy eating into my lifestyle. For instance, instead of using sugar, I will substitute it for a natural sweetener and regular ketchup for a sugar-free one etc. You will notice that most of my recipes will call for these substitutes.

I try to eat mostly low-carb during the week and eat regular meals on the weekend if I crave the carbs. This way I don’t miss out on the fun. It all balances out in the end.
During my free time, if I am not binge-watching a drama series, you’ll find me cooking or testing recipes. I love to travel but due to certain life events, I have not been able to. I hope I will get to that very soon and be sure to be updated on that once I get started 🙂
I hope you will find something to prepare today:)

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